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The University Library System has an extensive bibliography that can be searched through:

EDS, the University Discovery Tool: EDS discovery service: a tool for the simultaneous, integrated search of all Unimc bibliographic resources: through a single web interface it searches Opac, databases, electronic journals, e-books, and free online resources. Interacting with a native link resolver, EDS simplifies access to full texts, and offers further services, such as saved searches, loan renewals and books reserved.

• The on-line catalogue, Marche Sud OPAC: this catalogue contains all the bibliographical data of the University libraries and of the most significant libraries of the entire Marche Sud territory (Ascoli Piceno, Fermo and Macerata provinces). The catalogue has recently been implemented with a new portal called “BIBLIOMARCHESUD”, whose user friendly, efficient and interactive interface provides the possibility of using collaborative tools of web 2.0, as well as improving interaction with users.

• The digital library: the electronic resources of the University Library System cover the entire range of subjects that are researched and taught within the University.
They can be consulted on-line from all sections of the university but also from outside of the University, by activating the "IANUS" proxy service.
The electronic resources are usually acquired in a centralized manner, so as to guarantee users a single and common access service to scientific information in an electronic format.

• The PhD theses archive: contains all the doctorate theses discussed at the University of Macerata since 1993/94 (cycle 5). Up to 2010 (cycle 23) the theses were stored in hard copy and the bibliographical descriptions are accessible consulting the OPAC; since the start of 2012 (cycle 25) they have been kept exclusively in an electronic format and have been accessible through the digital institutional archive U-PAD (Unimc - Open Digital Publications), the system of the University of Macerata based on IRIS (Institutional Research Information System) to facilitate the collection and management of data relating to the activities and products of research available, which contain not only the catalogue description and abstract but also the full-text of the thesis.

Last update Jun 22, 2021