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An introduction to the University library system

The SBA (University Library System) consists of a central technical co-ordination body, the University Library Services Centre (CASB); library structures that provide general services and library structures that provide specialised services that spread differently throughout the territory. Furthermore, with a total of 27 libraries, from 1 February 2013 (cfr. Deliberation by the Board of Directors) it has been partially combined into 5 "Department Library Poles", in compliance with criteria of disciplinary homogeneity:

· Library pole of the Department of Law;

· Library pole of the Department of Economics and Law;

· Library pole of the Department of Political Science, Communication and International Relations;

· Library pole of the Department of Humanities Studies – languages, mediation, history, arts, philosophy;

· Library pole of the Department of Education Science, Cultural Heritage and Tourism

The structures providing general or centralised services are: the general offices of the CASB, the didactics library, the digital library.

The specialised structures are the University’s scientific libraries, which are gathered together in Poles, also including the libraries of excellence and the documentation centre libraries.

Last update Jun 14, 2019