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The University Library Services Centre, commonly called CASB, which was established in 1998 (Rectoral Decree no. 499 dated 19.05.1998, activated with Rectoral Decree no. 22 beginning from 18.01.1999) is the co-ordination and technical support body of the University Library System, in compliance with the guidelines dictated by the University Commission for libraries (See Title VIII, article 114 of the General Regulations for University Organisation, D.R. no. 33 dated 30.1.2014)

D.D.G. 1/2012 dated 15.06.2012 assigns the following duties to the centre:

- Coordination and management of the SBA;

- Regulation and organisation of library services on an integrated and homogeneous level;

- Centralised management of library services (didactics library, digital library, inter-library loans);

- Centralised management of library services (purchases, cataloguing, promotion and valorisation of the library patrimony);

- Management, training and updating of CASB library personnel;

- Agreements and conventions with public and private entities, participation in inter-library consortia.

Last update Jun 14, 2019