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Departmental library poles

The libraries assigned to each department, pursuant to article 33, paragraph 3 of the Statute, are organised in departmental library poles, according to the criteria of disciplinary homogeneity and with respect for the scientific peculiarity of each, with the aim of avoiding fragmentation, enabling organised development of the bibliographical collections and ensuring the efficiency and improvement of the services provided:

- Library pole of the Department of Law;

- Library pole of the Department of Economics and Law;

- Library pole of the Department of Political Science, Communication and International Relations;

- Library pole of the Department of Humanities Studies – languages, mediation, history, arts, philosophy;

- Library pole of the Department of Educational Science, cultural heritage and tourism.

The library poles of the departments are coordinated by management committees, with the aim of brining about the coherent and homogeneous development of bibliographical collections and the effective planning of expenditure, with respect for the criteria set out by the governance bodies, the University Committee for libraries and in collaboration with the library services centre (see General University Organisation Regulations, Rectoral Decree no. 33 dated 30.1.2014).

The management committees of the departmental library poles supervise the development policies of bibliographical material, the planning of book purchases, the monitoring of activities within the library sector, with the aim of also ensuring the best possible use of the library and documental patrimony.

The committees are co-ordinated by a teacher appointed by the Department Director. The departments independently establish the composition of the management committees, which in all cases must ensure the presence of a teachers’ representative associated with the library pole but from a different department, as well as a library personnel representative.

Last update Jun 14, 2019