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Info on "IANUS" and tatoo proxies

"IANUS” proxy server

The University of Macerata provides its users with IANUS Proxy, off campus access to the university digital library, for academic or didactic use.

The service enables online consultation of electronic resources on subscription from off campus locations, using a personal device (pc, notebook, smartphone and tablet).

It is also possible to save documents on the local device used by the user.

tATOO service

tATOO is a software package that enables databases on CD-Rom and DVD-Rom by different editors to be shared, with different interrogation software, centralising the management of the same. Through the local network and/or via the Internet, the service makes the databases distributed on CD-Rom and DVD-Rom installed on a special server available by means of an organisation in an easy-to-consult menu. The users, who are identified through their personal account, can access the databases with the possibility of printing the results of the searches, saving or sending e-mails.

Last update Mar 18, 2020