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tATOO service

tATOO is a software package that enables databases on CD-Rom and DVD-Rom by different editors to be shared, with different interrogation software, centralising the management of the same. Through the local network and/or via the Internet, the service makes the databases distributed on CD-Rom and DVD-Rom installed on a special server available by means of an organisation in an easy-to-consult menu. The users, who are identified through their personal account, can access the databases with the possibility of printing the results of the searches, saving or sending e-mails.

INSTRUCTIONS for setting up a DSA account for the service:

If you encounter problems with the D.S.A. authentication, please follow the instructions indicated in the following URL: and, if necessary, contact the technical personnel at the following number 0733 2583999.

  • Fill in the “Set-up request form Proxy/taTOO” available on the CSAB website at the URL (do not fill it in again if you have already done so for the “IANUS” service):

Once the from has been filled in, the user will receive confirmation by e-mail at the institutional e-mail address provided ( ;

Activation will come about within two working days without the need to send any further communications; therefore we would kindly request that you do not request support prior to the lapse of the period indicated.

  • On the first occasion only, install the Citrix client software on the device from which you intend to connect up to the University server. Please refer to the instructions for the installation at the URL: (Desktop, Smart phones and Tablets)

N.B. If you wish to connect to the services provided through the Citrix technology using several devices (e.g. smartphone, tablet, notebook), you will need to install the Citrix client software on each device.

  • Access to the services comes about by means of authentication with the D.S.A. credentials from the following URLs: clicking on “CIA,CSA,ESSE3,Tatoo” to access from work stations that are INSIDE the University network; or clicking on “CIA,CSA,ESSE3,Tatoo external” to access from work stations that are OUTSIDE the University network.

Or directly access the service (from work stations that are INSIDE university network) (from work stations that are OUTSIDE the university network)

In both cases, it is necessary to specify the domain .

The set-up of the D.S.A. account for the “IANUS” and TATOO PROXY services is valid for two years from the date of the request for teaching personnel, technical and administrative staff, whereas for undergraduates, PhD students, trainees / apprentices and other types of users (students, guests) the validity period is six months.

Upon expiry of the validity period, the user must repeat the services set-up procedure.

The C.A.S.B. and C.S.I.A. staff reserve the right to check the truthfulness of the data provided and discontinue access to the services in the event of violation of the conditions of use set out in the regulations in force.

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Last update Mar 19, 2020